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Health Safety and Environment

Respecting the environment and remaining sensitive to communities

Ensuring the health and safety of our personnel and those associated with its activities, together with the unyielding efforts to minimize the adverse impact on environment, is of the highest priorities for PSS Asia Engineering.

Fully appreciating its legal, social and community obligations, the Group ensures the implementation of its HS&E policy through a HSE Manager who is directly responsible to the Owners. This policy is implemented via a formally approved HS & E Plan. Creating awareness among our staff through practice and supplemented by training is the cornerstone of the Group’s HS&E policy. Each PSS Asia Engineering staff member is committed to safe working practices and is responsible for seeking out and learning good workplace practices. The foundation of the HS&E policy is a regular audit of PSS Asia Engineering activities which covers every aspect of the Group’s operations. These audits provide invaluable feedback to further effect improvements. The Group has provided a staff incentive and awards honours to PSS Asia Engineering staff who establish a track record of accident free and environmentally friendly operations.